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Theme Parks around Windsor


Windsor is highly favoured for top attractions. A survey published in 2009 of the most popular attractions disclosed that Windsor Castle, Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures were within the top five most visited attractions in the UK.


All set in beautifully landscaped grounds just 2 miles up the road. From the moment they take the slides down into the park from the main entrance, in LEGOLAND the child is definitely king. They can learn to drive themselves in specially adapted cars in the Driving School. They can pilot their own lifesize LEGO boats. They can role-play in the shops in My Town, join in the fun at the Magic Theatre or even make their own TV programmes. They can go exploring in the Wild Woods, hunt for treasure with the pirates, pan for gold or ride the Pirate Falls.

Miniland is a collection of villages and scenes from various European countries all build from literally millions of standard LEGO bricks. The 11 scenes cover an area the size of three football pitches and are bustling with activity. In Amsterdam, water buses ply the busy canals. In London, Tower Bridge opens to let the Royal Yacht pass while a cut-away section reveals tube trains arriving at crowded stations. Cranes unload ships in the Dockland scene while the Eurostar Express plunges into the Channel Tunnel to re-appear in France on the other side of the water.

There’s the sound of High Mass stealing out from under the gleaming white domes of Sacré Coeur in Paris; the sound of shipbuilding from the boat yard in the Swedish town; and surely that is the skirl of bagpipes floating over the water of Lock Ness?

But again and again it is the tiny details which impress – the miniature window displays in the shops, the lively outdoor café, the boys on a skateboard, the old lady at the upstairs window, the Highland games taking place in the landscaped grounds of Blair Athol Castle.

Even after several visits, you would still be discovering fresh touches of wit and charm you had not noticed before.

Land of the Vikings

Adventure inside the £7 million Land of the Vikings with its Longboat Invader ride.

For thrills, spills and daring high dives, catch Johnny Thunder when he returns in a brand new live action show, Revenge of the Aztec Queen

Pirates Landing – another new land for 2010!

Try out your swashbuckling, seafaring skills at the Pirate Training Camp, an interactive adventure play area with so much to explore.
Climb aboard for a breathtaking ride on our new swinging LEGO galleon, the Jolly Rocker  the first ever pirate ship in any LEGOLAND park, swinging to an incredible 18 metres high!

Then set sail for a soaking and follow the pirates on a hunt for treasure on the explosively enhanced Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench. With new interactive water cannons,  one adventure that bound to go with a splash!

Also new pirate-themed live action show for 2010, the first in the park history, featuring death-defying acrobatics and swashbuckling swordplay the Pirates of Skeleton Bay is an adventure for the whole family



Clutch Powers, and his gang  take on a special mission in the action-packed new 4D Movie.


Buses to Legoland , Windsor
A bus service runs every 30 minutes from Windsor to LEGOLAND during the park’s opening hours.


Staines Road, Chertsey
Located only 15 minutes by car, Thorpe Park has more than 100 rides plus a stunt dive show, the filming of a remake of Tarzan, a 1930s style farm, craft centre and nature trails. Cafes, Restaurants, Shops. Open daily 10 am – April to October.

Located only 15 minutes by car, Thorpe Park has more than 100 rides plus a stunt dive show, the filming of a remake of Tarzan, a 1930s style farm, craft centre and nature trails, Cafes, Restaurants, Shops. Since the majority of the rides are suitable for adults ( with strong stomachs), families with younger children would find Chessington World of adventures far more enjoyable.   

For hard-core adrenalin junkies, THORPE PARK is the ‘must do’ destination for insanely thrilling, adrenaline fuelled fun! Unleash the dare devil within and take on the loops, spins, vertical drops and incredible speeds of some of the country’s biggest and most awesome coasters. Brave Stealth – Europe’s fastest and officially scariest rollercoaster – for super acceleration of 0 to 80mph in under two seconds!

Colossus, the world’s first ten looping rollercoaster and Nemesis Inferno, a 4.5 G-Force experience, make up the Unholy Trinity of rides you just HAVE to brave.

If this is not enough, Vortex swings, thrusts and judders high above the lake, Slammer gives you the full throttle free fall experience and Rush is still the world’s biggest air powered speed swing.

New For 2010   SAW Alive

You thought the games were over…they’ve only just begun!
From the twisted minds that brought you the World’s most terrifying rollercoaster, comes the World’s most extreme live action horror maze, SAW Alive! Come face-to-face with live actors in 6 blood-curdling rooms based on the iconic traps from the SAW films!


Leatherhead Road, Chessington
Shops, Cafes. Open daily 10 am – 5.15 pm March to November.
Only about 35 minutes from Windsor by car, this is an excellent and well developed theme park which is well worth a visit.
The Park has  its own brand new Sea Life centre. The new aquatic attraction features over 20 marine life displays housing species ranging from tiny shrimps and starfish to magnificent sharks and stingrays and contains Sea Life centres famous walk through tunnel where you can view the fish swimming freely around.

Wild Asia – new land for 2010

Be one of the first to discover the ancient ruins of Wild Asia, a new and mythical land where families can take on the KOBRA, an awesome new spinning disc ride!

Also, go truly wild on an expedition through the Lorikeet Lagoon in amongst the exotic colourful birds.

Chessington has something to appeal for all ages, from gentle rides for young ones to some serious white knuckle rides.

Allow plenty of time (a full day) to enjoy all that this park has to offer.